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Lisa Renee Nelson 1970-2013


Lisa was a beloved wife, mother, teacher and coach.  She was someone you wanted to be around because she was positive, upbeat, silly and loving. She made you feel good about yourself and about life in general. Lisa was a wonderful person who lived life to the fullest by spreading as much joy and happiness as she possibly could.


She genuinely cared for others and their well-being.  She was someone you could go to with anything.  She was a wonderful listener and friend; one that would take the time to talk, cry, pray or just laugh.  She made this world a better place. She was vibrant, joyful and intense and didn't take herself too seriously. She genuinely cared for others and left an indelible touch with all she came in contact with. 


She freely gave of her time and talents.  She willing gave so much because she cared deeply for her students, her athletes, her co-workers and her family.


She was a joyful spirit with a warm heart. She lived as all of us would want to live-by making a difference and getting up everyday intent on doing so. 


This is the legacy she left behind one that impacted so many-one that the Lisa Nelson Memorial Scholarship Board wants to preserve and Pay It Forward...









Remembering Lisa

RVHS-Cancer Awareness-2012

Part #1

RVHS-Cancer Awarness-2012

Part #2

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