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The Lisa Nelson Memorial Scholarship was formed when our family requested contributions in lieu of flowers at Lisa’s funeral services.  Those initial contributions gave the fund its start and the students, facility, staff and parents of Ralston Valley High School have done the rest.  The band, the choir, the orchestra, student government and many others have contributed to the fund since its inception in 2013.  The combined efforts of so many in the RV community have ensured its longevity and stability for years to come.  Thank you so much RVHS for helping our family establish the first Ralston Valley student athlete college scholarship.


Over the course of her teaching and coaching career as an employee of Jefferson County Public Schools, Lisa made a positive impact on her students and her athletes. We want to remember and honor Lisa by furthering her legacy through scholarships for Ralston Valley High School Student Athletes.

RVHS senior student athletes, the Lisa Nelson Memorial Scholarship Board is pleased to announce that the application period for this years Lisa Nelson Memorial Scholarship is now open and will run through May 10th, 2024.  


Two RVHS senior student athletes will each be awarded a scholarship in honor and memory of Coach Lisa Nelson. Recipients will be identified at the Awards Ceremony on May 13th, 2024.


The application can be completed using the Google Form link below. 


We want to remember and honor Lisa's legacy and Pay It Forward... through college scholarships for Ralston Valley High School Student Athletes.

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